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The Social Gospel Worship and Learning Center

Non-Governmental, Nonprofit Organization in Atlanta Ga.
Opening at 10:00 AM
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This week's Sunday message for 09/17/23 on the Social Gospel Blog with Rev. Paul J. Bern: "America in Bible Prophecy: Separating Fact from Fiction" (click below for Spiritual insight)

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This week's ongoing Biblical study series for 09/15/23 on the Social Gospel Blog with Rev. Paul J. Bern: "Paul's Brilliant Defense of Himself While on Trial" (click below for real courtroom drama)

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The Sunday message for 09/10/23 on the Social Gospel Blog with Rev. Paul J. Bern: "Trump and His Cronies, Truth and Doing the Right Thing" (click below for what the Bible says about honesty)

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This week's ongoing Biblical study series for 09/08/23 on the Social Gospel Blog with Rev. Paul J. Bern: "Roman Courts vs. Ours, Their Similarities and the Scriptures" (click below for some historical knowledge)

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Yesterdays Sunday message on the Social Gospel Blog ICYMI was, "It's Time We Had a Talk About Prayer" with Rev. Paul J. Bern (please click below for details)

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This week's ongoing Biblical study series for 09/02/23 on the Social Gospel Blog with Rev. Paul J. Bern: "The Apostle Paul's Final Trial Before Festus Finally Begins" (click below for the outcome)

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Where Truth, Justice and the Bible Meet

What's the Social Gospel? It means Christianity without the dogma, and faith without the spiritual pollution of conservative politics. The phrase “social gospel” is usually used to describe a Protestant Christian intellectual movement that came to prominence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Those who adhered to a social gospel sought to apply Christian ethics to social problems such as poverty, slums, poor nutrition and education, alcoholism, crime, and war. Social Gospel. Advocates of the movement interpreted the Kingdom of God as requiring social as well as individual salvation and sought the betterment of industrialized society through application of the biblical principles of charity and justice. The Social Gospel was especially promulgated among liberal Protestant ministers.

Today, I am in the process of reviving and reinvigorating the Social Gospel into 21st century life. So, this is nondenominational Christianity viewed from a progressive or populist perspective, which is far closer to what Jesus originally taught than the ultra-conservative slant being taught today. What good is our faith if we hoard all our money and material possessions while ignoring the poor, the elderly, the mentally ill, the homeless, and the newly released prisoner? What good is our faith if we vehemently oppose abortion while fanatically sending our sons and daughters off to fight wars that only benefit a few? Finally, what good is our faith when we condemn same sex marriage while having a divorce rate within Christianity that is the same as the secular world? Jesus summarized it perfectly when he said, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice". American society -- or any other for that matter -- can measure how just and fair it is by the way in which they treat their most vulnerable citizens.  In so doing, we become ambassadors for Christ while living our lives in complete accordance with God's will.

Here you can go to church, spend some quiet time in prayer and meditation, or tap into a little Spiritual wisdom without having to leave home

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